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What's OUTPUT?


OUTPUT is a free volunteer driven cultural promotional platform created by and for young artists (15-30ish).  The idea started when a group of young artists wanted to have an art festival where they could exhibit and share their art – so they made one.

The Aarhus-based festival started in 2020 (right just before the COVID-19 lockdown) and the first festival was held in UKH (Ungdomskulturhuset). We facilitate the possibility for you to show and/or perform your art in an independent, non-committing and festive setting. For OUTPUT the process is more important than the product. We can give the small artist a big audience.

Ever since we started, our events have given an opportunity to more than 150 different artists to exhibit their art. We welcome (and even encourage) a variety of genres – we’ve had music, paintings, photography, cinematography, art installations, poetry and performances to name a few.

Our events

We have different kinds of events that we make. Our main arrangements include festivals, concerts and workshops. We also curate galleries and record live sessions. As a festival which emerged during COVID-19 times, we’ve also had online showcase concerts that you can find here. Always keep an open eye for the next opportunity – we frequently host events and have Open calls for participation.


Our most important events are our 2 annual art festivals. During those 2-3 days, we have music, poetry and performances on stage, movie screenings and curated exhibitions of paintings, photography, art installations, sculptures and other art. We promote young artists through interaction with a diverse physical audience with the attraction our festival creates. You as an artist gets the opportunity to meet other artists and the audience, all of that in the free space that OUTPUT FESTIVAL is.

Concerts & showcases

When we don’t do festivals, we do concerts. Our concerts give opportunity for musicians and bands to have a scene and play live music for an audience. While we were under the COVID-19 lockdown, we recorded the concerts as showcases and streamed them online. In post-COVID-19 times, we still do that – however, as studio recording concerts which are also known as Crammed Studio Concerts.


Have a cool art technique which you want to share with art enthusiasts who are willing to learn and experiment? Then hosting and facilitating a workshop to teach your knowledge and art/craft techniques is an option which we also offer. So far, we’ve had workshops in relation to other events (festivals and a gallery opening), but if you’re interested, feel free to contact us and we can figure something out for you.

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