So far, we have had seven editions of our festivals, with the latest being held on 21-22 October ’22 at UKH. Besides UKH, we have also been collaborating with some of the most prominent cultural institutions in Aarhus, including Godsbanen, Frontløberne and ARoS. Our festivals have given opportunity to more than 150 artists to perform, exhibit and share their music, art and creations with the public. We feature all variety of genres: music, paintings, photography, installations, cinematography, poetry, performances and workshops for visitors.

WHEN: 21-22 October ’22


The event was held in collaboration with Talent Aarhus. and was supported by Music City Aarhus 2022 and Kirsten og Gunnar Fonden.

WHEN: 29-30 July ’22

WHERE: Frontløberne

Output N° 6 was supported by Music City Aarhus 2022 and Kirsten og Gunnar Fonden.

WHEN: 22-23 October ’21

WHERE: Godsbanen

Output Festival N° 5 was held in Rå Hal, at Godsbanen, Aarhus. We had the whole of the old train workshop at out disposal, giving a lot of space for displaying art and hosting live performance, with proper distance.

WHEN: 22-23 July ’21

WHERE: ARoS Museum of Arts

Output N° 4 was held on the entire 3rd floor of ARoS, the biggest art museum in Aarhus. That gave us the opportunity to use the museum’s lecture hall to show shortfilms, poetry and musical performances.

WHEN: 05-06 June ’21


Output Festival N° 3 was held at UKH, Aarhus on the 5-6 of June 2021. We took advantage of the outside areas at UKH, to minimize close contact, while enjoying the great weather. The art exhibition was meanwhile held inside.

WHEN: 3 October ’20


Output Festival N° 2 was held at UKH, Aarhus in October 2020. Despite corona-restrications with guests waiting at the door the festival was a success.

WHEN: 28 February ’20


Output Festival N° 1 was held at UKH, Aarhus, February 2020. One day with art, poetry, music acting and fashion, that had many visitors.

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